Water Safety

Today we were very lucky to have Brenda from the Kilmore Pool come to speak to us about water safety. She talked to us about the different ways to be safe around the pool, beach, lakes and around the home. She taught us what to do if we get into trouble in the water. She spoke to us to get us ready for our swimming lessons beginning next week.


What are some ways we can stay safe around water?

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Art Show

On Thursday night we had our Art Show. It was a fantastic night. It was great to see some students from our grade performing and to see our artwork on display.

What was your favourite part of the Art Show?

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Dental Health Day

On the 15th of October we had Dental Health Day. Dr Justine and Kerrie came for a visit to our school. Dr Justine checked our teeth to see if they were clean. She counted our teeth. Kerrie told us how to keep our teeth clean and healthy. We brushed our teeth with the whole school.

What did you learn at Dental Health Day?