Grade 1 Sleepover

Last night all the grade 1 students had a sleepover at school. We did lots of fun things. We had pizza and chips for dinner. We went for a night walk looking for animals. We had an icy pole and watched a movie, all before bed. In the morning we got up early and packed up our sleeping bags and got dressed. We ate breakfast while we finished watching the movie.

Today at school we made our own sandwiches for lunch. We had plenty of fruit and yummy treats to eat for our snacks.

Everyone had a wonderful time at the sleepover.

What was your favourite part of sleeping over?

7 thoughts on “Grade 1 Sleepover

  1. I really liked the movie we watched. In the middle it was a little bit funny, but in the end it was really funny! Also, I liked what we had for dinner and dessert. I really liked breakfast. I really really liked making my own sandwich, it was really yummy. My recess and healthy snack were good too!

    • Hello Alliana,

      I am glad you had a good time at the sleepover. I enjoyed watching the movie as well. Hope youre feeling better soon.

      Miss Joy

  2. Hello Miss Joy and grade one,
    I was on camp while you had the sleepover!
    I did a lot of thing on camp! Some were Eureka Skydeck, Immigration Museum, Melbourne Aquarium, Hoyts, Zoo, Bowling and Galactic Circus. And if you don’t know what Galactic Circus is well its where you play arcade games.
    Have any of you been to any of the places I went on camp?
    What did you watch?
    What did you have in your sandwich’s?
    What did you have for healthy snack and recess?

    Got to go now,
    Bye Olivia M

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