Friendship Day

Today was an important day where UPPS and IJ celebrated friendship. We got together in our house groups where we made and decorated glasses. We wore yellow to raise money for kids cancer.

What was your favourite part of Friendship Day?

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Yesterday 1J and 1F went on an excursion to the Chinese Museum. It was really great. We learnt so much.
Some of the fun things we leart and saw were:
– A Chinese Dragon- we learnt about the different animal parts that make up the dragon.
– Shadow Puupets- We learnt about shadow puppets, watch a show about the puppets and stating to make our own.
– Chinese ship- we sat on ship that was the same size as the ship that the Chinese people came to Australia on. It took them 2 months to get here. They came to Australia to find gold.
– Chinese clothes- we saw wedding dresses, hats, scarfs and lots of clothes the Chinese people wear.

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Celebrations in Japan

This week we have been learning about celebrations in Japan. During the week we took photos on the iPad of different celebrations in Japan and then we used the Popplet app to make an image with information about the types of celebrations in Japan.

Celebrations in Japan on PhotoPeach