Numeracy in 1J

This week we have been learning about reading the time. We have refreshed o’clock times and have been learning about half past times.

We discussed the different times of the days that we do activities. We know that school starts at 9am, healthy snack is at 10am and 12.30 and school finishes at 3.30.


What times of the day do you know?

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TEAM in 1 J

This week have been completing the TEAM program. TEAM stands for Together Everyone Achieves More.  We have also been doing 5 star bookwork. 5 star work is doing our best work. We have been doing 5 star listening and sitting. We have sitting still and putting our hands in our lap.

Over the holidays the new playground was put in. It is every fun to play on.

We hope you like the photos of our week so far.

What was your favourite part of TEAM?

From 1J and Miss Joy

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