Over the past week, we have been completing the TEAM program. TEAM stands for Together Everyone Achieves More. One of our favourite activities was when we had to build a shelter for ourselves using only newspaper and masking tape.

Anzac Day

This week we have been focussing on Anzac Day. We have read picture stories books, My Dad Marches on Anzac Day and Anzac Biscuits. We have learnt lots of information Anzac Day, the events and what it means. We had the 5/6 leaders visit our classroom to teach us about whey Rosemary is symbolic and made rosemary and poppy pins to had out to our guests. On Friday we had our special Anzac assembly which was attended by the Major.

What did you learn about Anzac Day this week?

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Water Safety

Today we were very lucky to have Brenda from the Kilmore Pool come to speak to us about water safety. She talked to us about the different ways to be safe around the pool, beach, lakes and around the home. She taught us what to do if we get into trouble in the water. She spoke to us to get us ready for our swimming lessons beginning next week.


What are some ways we can stay safe around water?

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Art Show

On Thursday night we had our Art Show. It was a fantastic night. It was great to see some students from our grade performing and to see our artwork on display.

What was your favourite part of the Art Show?

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Dental Health Day

On the 15th of October we had Dental Health Day. Dr Justine and Kerrie came for a visit to our school. Dr Justine checked our teeth to see if they were clean. She counted our teeth. Kerrie told us how to keep our teeth clean and healthy. We brushed our teeth with the whole school.

What did you learn at Dental Health Day?

Grade 1 Sleepover

Last night all the grade 1 students had a sleepover at school. We did lots of fun things. We had pizza and chips for dinner. We went for a night walk looking for animals. We had an icy pole and watched a movie, all before bed. In the morning we got up early and packed up our sleeping bags and got dressed. We ate breakfast while we finished watching the movie.

Today at school we made our own sandwiches for lunch. We had plenty of fruit and yummy treats to eat for our snacks.

Everyone had a wonderful time at the sleepover.

What was your favourite part of sleeping over?

Speech Writing

The past two weeks in 1J we have been focussing on writing and presenting a speech to the grade. To learn about giving speeches we watched Julia Gillard giving an acceptance speech and the Royal baby anncoucement. We have been focussing on body language, facial expressions, talking to the audience, giving eye contact, using appropriate volume and speed, reading from cue cards, active listening and interesting beginnings to speeches.

As part of the students weekly homework we resarched our parents or grandparents favourite toy. We used the information we had collected to write a speech and create a poster.

Today we presented our speech to the grade and we did a wonderful job.